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Boiler Installations by Divine Maintenance

It’s always difficult to choose the right boiler for you. Here at divine maintenance we have a specialist team to help you make the right choice. We know having a new boiler installed can be stressful and costly. That’s why our dedicated boiler team will help you through this process.


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We can arrange for an engineer to come out and visit your home or property to conduct a free survey and discuss your options with you about having a new boiler installed
Although there are many other company’s and engineers on the market, it is important that you are made aware of all the information.

For example, boiler manufactures all offer warranty on their boilers. But what is not usually explained is what the requirements are to keep and maintain your warranty
They require that your central heating has had a power flush before the new boiler is installed.




At Divine Maintenance, we offer with all our new boiler installations a free power flush, and to keep your boiler and central heating system clean and protected all year round we will also install a Magna Clean for free




The typical price of a power flush if purchased separately for an average 3-bedroom house with 7 radiators would cost £380.00 and the cost of a Magna Clean would be £149.99 if purchased with a power flush
Saving you a total of £529.99
Therefore, here at Divine Maintenance we can offer you 10-Year warranty


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All it takes is just 5 simple steps, so why not contact us today

Step 1
Book an Appointment

After you contact us we will book you an appointment, for one of our engineers to come out and visit your home or property with a time and day that’s suits you. If you are a landlord with a tenant in your property, we will arrange a time with the tenant to carry out our free no obligation appointment. This visit is completely 100% free



Step 2
Engineer survey

One of our specialist boiler engineers will visit the property you are considering to have a new boiler installed. Upon arrival, they will present their ID, and introduce themselves. They will then carry out a full survey for the new boiler installation, this usually takes between 10-15 minutes. They will then discuss with you what requirements you would like for your property



Step 3
Full quotation

Once our engineer has visited your property, they would have submitted their survey back to one of our boiler specialist. Which will then provide you with a full boiler quotation, with a few different options with different price ranges and different boiler types. Once again this is 100% free, we will also do our best to price match any other deal you may have found.



Step 4
New Boiler Installation

Before our engineer commences work at your property, they will run a full risk assessment and make sure you or anyone who resides at the property are safe at any given time. they will then install the new boiler which can take between 1-3 days, depending on weather it’s a straight boiler swap or converting from a system to a combination boiler. If the work takes more than one day, our engineer will make sure you still have running water over night. Once the boiler is up and running our engineer will show you how to use your new boiler.



Step 5
Job completion

One the job has been completed the engineer will commission the boiler to start your 10-year warranty. then issue you with a new gas safety certification and all relevant paperwork. Once the job has been signed off, one of our Boiler specialist will contact you to finalise any paper work and provide you with any further support.




All our boilers installations all come with our 1 year guarantee on the work carried out

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and are all fully trained. They are also fully trained in electrical work and are up to date at the current EU standards.
All our engineers can be checked on the GAS SAFE REGISTER
We always provide a safe service and follow all regulations, that’s why our customers always return to us for any future work they may need.

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