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Electric Cooker Installations

We are specialists in all fitments and electrical cooker installations, so if you need your electrical cooker installed, be sure to call us today!

For any electric cooker to be installed, you must ensure you have the adequate electrical and non electrical fittings prior to installation. This includes;

Ensuring you have a minimum of 32amp cooker socket for cookers that consumer greater than 3KW or a minimum of a 13amp cooker socket for single oven cookers or ignitions that consumes less than 2.99KW of power.

That the electrical supply is within a metres distance of the oven cooker installation.

There is no combustible material behind or on top of the cooker including wallpaper, flammable paint, wooden panels, cupboards and other combustible material.

That if it is a dual fuel cooker, there is an adequate gas supply where the cooker is being installed.

There are no sockets directly behind or directly above the cooker.

Ensuring there is adequate space for the cooker, oven or hob to be fitted included all cut outs in work surfaces ready before installation date.

Range Electric cookers

Range Electric Cooker Installation will always require a minimum of a 32amp electrical supply due to the amount of hobs they use and they always use a large or double oven which is 3KW or more of power. A Range Electric Cooker Installation is highly beneficial as it allows plenty of room for cooking and is perfect for when you are hosting a dinner party of if you have a large family. A Range Electric Cooker usually has 2 or more ovens and has more than four hobs.

If you have a Range Electric Cooker, ensure that you have an electrical cooker point which has A 32amp socket. Remember to always read the KW output of your cooker before you purchase it so you know if you have the right requirements as it may need more than 32amp. You can always refer to our cooker checklist to make sure if you have the right requirements as the cooker needs to fit certain criteria expected before it can be installed.

Electrical cooker disconnection

Electrical appliances need to be dealt with properly and safely to ensure the safety of your home and your electrical installations as well. At Gas Cooker Installers, we will ensure that your electric cooker disconnection is carried out safely and with the right procedures to ensure maximum safety in your home.

Whether you are replacing your cooker or you need your cooker disconnected so it can be moved


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